You Are Worth Fighting For

It’s a beautiful feeling when an idea comes to life.

I have always dreamed and dreamed of writing a book. My mom told me for years I should write one and I knew one day that I would, but it was one of those things that I talked about doing but never actually acted on. Once my mom passed away, the idea of writing a book to honor her became even more strong. But it still was just that, an idea. At one point, I realized that I needed to just start and that I would truly never be ready to write a book – I would never truly have all of the knowledge or the words or the tools. But I had a desire, passion, and stories to share and I had to remind myself that was enough.

When I finally started to write, the words came to me and began to flow, easier than I thought they would. The step of writing a book felt so scary and it wasn’t until I actually started writing that I realized how capable I really was of writing a book. It has been one of the most beautiful feelings to actually accomplish a goal and a dream that I’ve had for so long. I want you to feel this same sense of joy and accomplishment around reaching your goals.

A lot of times we hold ourselves back. We are capable of reaching the goals we have, but we tell ourselves that we can’t, or that we aren’t yet ready and that we need more time, so then we never actually start. That leaves us with a whole lot of potential that goes untapped. I hope that the steps I took to reach and chase my goals encourages you to take your own step towards your own goal. You have so much potential within you, if only you just started today.

It feels incredible to know that I’ve created something that could help other people and help me to reach other goals in life. Whatever you want to do, know that you are capable. Know that you are worthy. Know that you have the tools already. Know that you too, can accomplish a dream, even if you’ve had it for decades and haven’t acted on it, you can start today. While writing this book, I pivoted, made changes, got frustrated, trusted my gut and went with the flow, cried, laughed, felt like giving up and kept going anyway. And while you are on your path to reaching your goals you will also experience similar emotions and highs and lows, but that’s what makes this journey beautiful. I encourage you to start today and to keep going, despite the obstacles you face.

I can’t believe I am an author!!! Now it’s your turn, what will you create?


Be Beautifully Simply You