1N5 Continues Trainings for Local School Staff

It was another very busy week for 1N5 training school staff to get them ready for school to resume. We started off the week working with Hamilton City Schools where we coordinated training for the entire staff of over 800 in topics of Mental Health: Normal Development/Adolescent Response to COVID,  Top Disorders/Symptoms, Referral Process, Mindfulness and De-Escalation Techniques. We held staff facilitator training for the staff of Woodland Middle School for the peer-to-peer program Sources of Strength. For Ft. Thomas Independent Schools, we trained over 200 staff members in QPR gatekeeper suicide prevention training and finished up the same training for the staff of Mount Notre Dame. On Thursday we held a webinar for the staff of NorthPoint Elementary on self-care and mindfulness.  On Friday we held sessions for the entire staff of Sycamore schools to create a back to school plan for self-care and team leadership on wellness. This week also kicked off the State of Mind Webinars, covering two topics: Managing Acute Anxiety and Stress for parents and caregivers and Grief and Loss During COVID for youth. Those webinars reached over 500 individuals. What a week! We want to thank all the schools for their focus on their staff’s mental wellness, and we look forward to continuing our virtual trainings in the coming weeks!