Self-Care Guest Blog by Jami

Hi! My name is Jami Pandorf and I am an intern at 1N5. I’m a senior at the University of Cincinnati studying Health Promotion and Education and I graduate this spring. You could say this is a stressful time as I navigate what my post grad life will look like. When I experience stress there are a couple different ways I take care of myself.

To be honest, it’s taken me some time to really figure out what self care activities work best for me. But with a little trial and error I’ve found self care routines that help alleviate my stress and anxiety.

Growing up I was always big into reading but as I got older it became more difficult to read just for fun. When Covid-19 hit in 2020, I had a lot of extra time so was able to dive back into my love of reading. Since then, I’ve learned how to make time in my schedule for reading. Reading is an act of self care for me because it allows me to have time with myself and escape my thoughts for a little while. Even though I have countless books at home on my to-read list, I love nothing more than going to a bookstore and wandering around with no time frame. I know reading isn’t self care for everyone but it definitely is for me.

Like it is for a lot of people, working out in some form is self care for me. Whether it’s going on a walk, going to the gym, or taking a workout class, being active helps me immensely with my stress and anxiety. Taking a walk while listening to my favorite podcast or music can be extremely peaceful and motivating. Since this semester started I’ve been going to the gym on UC’s campus with one of my roommates. It has helped keep me accountable to my physical health while also spending time with a close friend. When I am really tired and nothing sounds worse than going to the gym, I remind myself that it’s a form of self care and I will feel better afterwards.

One of my favorite forms of self care is spending time with my two nieces and nephew. I am lucky to live only 40 minutes from them, so whenever I’m able, I try to see them. I view time spent with them as self care because they make me so happy and pull my mind away from things that cause me stress or anxiety. I always leave their house feeling lighter. Whether it’s throwing a football with my nephew or painting my nieces’ nails, I love spending time with them.

I think it’s really important to learn what self care looks like for you. Not everyone relaxes in the same way and that’s okay. Some people love taking bubble baths but I hate them. I love to read but some of my friends only read when it’s absolutely required for a class. Take the time to learn what self care looks like for you and remember to be kind to yourself.