Relinquishing Control, Trusting the Universe

by Ivy from Beautifully Simply You

Raise your hand if you are someone who likes things done on your timeline, and absolutely no other timeline other than yours. My hand is definitely one
of the highest in the room!

So many of us, including myself, are impatient and want things done how we want them and when we want them. I have made myself really upset in those situations, because things didn’t go my way.

But what I have found is this – despite all of those times when I got so frustrated that things didn’t go my way that I literally couldnt function, that things always, always work out. Even if it didn’t feel like it, things always worked out exactly as they should. What I had wanted, either happened a few days later, or didn’t happen at all and something even better happened.

I have found that things fall apart and sometimes things fall apart right before our eyes. Things don’t always go our way and things don’t always happen when we want them to. And that’s okay. I am learning what it looks like to take the back seat, breathe, let things fall apart because those things likely are not good for me anyway, and simply trust the process. And for all of you out there who like to be in control, and who make sure every “i” is dotted and every “t” is crossed, it can be so hard to relinquish that need for control. But by challenging myself and continually reminding myself that the universe’s plan is bigger and so much better than my own, I notice myself letting go of control in even the smallest ways.

A decision can’t be made when I want it to be, or something can’t get sent out when I want it to – things that used to make all hell break loose within me, and instead I say to myself – “I would love for this to happen right now and go my way, but there is likely a reason why it isn’t happening right now and if I wait, the reward will be even greater”. This is a moment that allows me to be human. I encourage you to try it, allow yourself to recognize your need for control but in the same breath, allow the universe to know you trust it and let the time pass by. The time may be difficult to endure as you wait and wait, but with time, I promise you, everything that is supposed to be in front of you will unfold.

I still find myself stressing out when things aren’t going to my plan or off my timeline, but I find comfort in knowing that my plan might not be the best plan anyway and the universe has a greater one coming.

Letting go of control is an anxiety provoking situation. But remember all of the pain you may be able to prevent, if you trust that everything is going to work out, if you just give it time.

That call you are waiting for? Put your phone down for a bit, you are way more likely to get that call when you are least expecting it (or expecting it a bit less).

Funny how life works that way – trust the process. We are in this together, trying to relinquish control one step at a time.


Be Beautifully Simply You