Anxiety + PTSD Survivor Takes Over Insta

This week for #freeyourmindfriday, Lindsey Graves, who lives with anxiety, panic and PTSD, took over our Insta stories to talk about coping with anxiety disorders. Check out her bio below!

After being diagnosed with generalized anxiety disorder, panic, and PTSD, the six years of suffering began. It was September 2014, I was 21, a junior in college and just witnessed my roommate pass away in a car accident.

The worst physical symptoms from trauma included panic attacks and depersonalization, which were debilitating on their own, but anxious thoughts and fear of death were also lingering in my mind constantly.

It was not until April 2020 that I realized I had to take control of my life back. I began practicing cognitive behavioral therapy techniques on my own since therapy was not available. This led me down many paths of extensive research, mindful practice techniques, and ultimately to my self-taught healing. After personally feeling improvement due to these practices, I decided to share with the world how I was overcoming anxiety because I knew so many were as well and I did not want them suffering for 6 years like I did.

My name is Lindsey Graves and I am excited to grow with you on a journey of healing to help you overcome your anxiety! Follow @Amazing.Anxiety on Instagram for more anxiety tips from someone who has experienced it themselves!