Bengals’ #WichitaKid Transforms His Life, Takes Over Our IG

Bengal’s CB, Davontae Harris, is taking over our Gram Story today for #freeyourmindfriday to talk about how he climbed out of a deep depression and self-hate triggered by his environmental setting and home life as a child. Today he’s sharing his story, how far he’s come and where he plans to go next!

“My journey began in Wichita, Kansas in a poverty stricken environment.  My mother struggled with drug addiction and my biological father was never around.

I didn’t have much. At one point, I was living in a studio apartment with 5 people and I had to sleep in the kitchen. This caused me to spiral into a deep bout of self-hate because of my current home-life situation. It seemed never-ending.  

This was only the beginning of my journey and I am looking forward to sharing the rest with you during my take over.”

-Davontae Harris