Don’t Be Afraid of Change

Change makes us stronger. As scary as it may be, try not to run away from change. 

I’ve recently gone through a lot of change in my personal life. As I’m maturing and becoming the person I want to be, I’ve been experiencing change. I started therapy again, as we know, but I’ve also been letting go of people and things that no longer serve me to make room for experiences that will help me continue to grow. 

Last week, I turned 25. Becoming one year older and officially being in my mid-20’s has made me start to think more deeply about what I want out of life. As I thought about that, I started to recognize the things and people that had been keeping me from accomplishing my goals, and I’m starting to let go of them. 

This process is not comfortable. It’s hard to let go of what you know in exchange for the unknown, but it can also be so rewarding. When we think about the process of growing up and becoming an individual, we can see that we actually do this automatically. We go through school, we graduate, and we either go to college or go into the workforce. We learn more about whatever it is we’re passionate about. We go out into the world and try new things until something fits. We’re all constantly changing and evolving based on our own experiences, sometimes without even recognizing it. We’ve also all just gone through a major life event—a global pandemic—that probably catalyzed major changes in who we are as people. 

When I look back at who I was pre-pandemic compared to who I am now, I can see how much I’ve grown and changed. That’s not a bad thing. There are so many things and people I’ve let go of in the past year and a half that probably would have taken years to let go of if not for the pandemic, and I’m grateful for that. I’m quickly becoming the person I want to be. 

If you’re experiencing change right now or are on the verge of change, don’t be afraid to dive into the unknown. It’s called the unknown for a reason. We can’t know what incredible possibilities lie before us until we make the decision to move forward in a new direction. It’s scary, but it’s worth it. 

Best of luck, and as always, stay safe and stay healthy. 


Kayla W