I Can Do This, Watch Me

We set goals for ourselves all of the time. We feel it in our core that we can reach our goal, or we at least feel optimistic that we will get there. And then we might tell someone our goal, and they might tell us that our goal is unrealistic, and suddenly, your entire perspective on feeling confident in reaching your goal, slips right between your fingertips.

This recently happened to me. I had a goal to meet a certain amount of funding for a walk my family and I are doing next month. I was told with all of the best intentions that the goal I had was not necessarily unattainable, but a little high considering the short time we had to fundraise. Immediately, I started thinking that my goal should change, that I should lower my expectations so that I wouldn’t be disappointed.

I’ve spent most of my life doing just this. I’ve spent my life second guessing my decisions and my goals, and needing to be validated by the opinions of those around me.

But then I was reminded of the question, “Why not?” Why can’t we raise that much money in a short time? Why not us? And there actually was no answer to that question, other than the fear I had of disappointing myself and possibly others. So I kept my goal where it was, and in just a few short days, I am so glad to say that have not only reached our goal, we have surpassed it! It is truly remarkable what you can do when you believe you can do it.

I think about where we might be if we decided to lower our goal. Would we have been okay with good enough, not recognizing we could have raised more? Where would we all be in life if we always let other people dictate what our goals should be? We don’t get very far when people make our dreams smaller. There will always be someone who tells you that your dreams are too big. Show them that the dream you told them about, only scratches the surface of who you will become. Show them that you are going to reach that goal 10 times over.

We as humans are so easily influenced by the opinions of others. But I think about how powerful and rebellious and beautiful it is to trust your gut feeling that tells you that the sky is not the limit, but that you can surpass the sky and reach your most wildest dreams. How powerful is it to stand in front of the people who told you couldn’t, for them to now see all that you could do, and all that you did do.

I spent most of my life being afraid of taking risks, being terrified of following my dreams. I am glad that I set this goal and stuck to it. I am glad that I have made so many life changes recently that were scary and often shocking to many. I mean not many people leave their full time jobs to pursue their dream. But I did it. I trusted my gut. And it was the most powerful, rebellious, and beautiful decision I ever made.

So, ask yourself – why not? Why not you? Why can’t you accomplish that goal? Why can’t you change the world? Change your mindset so that you can allow yourself to see that you are capable of your goals, of making a difference, and of leaving a legacy.

Cheers to taking the rebellious path, chosen by few, disliked by many, but one of the best decisions you can ever make. Because you looked fear, naysayers and opposition in the face and still said “I can do this, watch me”


Be Beautifully Simply You