Kamberli Shares Her Story

This week for #WarriorWednesday, Kamberli, a wife, mother, mental health advocate, and health and fitness guru, shared her mental health journey.

In 2015, shortly after having my first baby, I experienced Postpartum depression. Luckily it was fairly mild and easily treated with medication, and I was off of them within 9 months.

Fast forward to 2017, I had my second baby and I got hit with extreme PPD/PPA. Things got really scary really fast, and I ended up on medication again, however, it wasn’t easily treated this time, and after the course of several months and trying multiple medications, I was finally able to find one that worked. I was on a fairly high dose, but basically all it did was help me get out of bed in the mornings, barely coping with anything else. The first 18 months of my daughter’s life were spent in a fog of depression, anxiety, and constant overwhelm.

When she was about 18 months old, I discovered healing in health, fitness, and personal development. Even though my depression and anxiety have improved greatly, I still try to be very open about the fact that I am still currently taking medication, and that there’s no shame in it! I share my story in hopes of being able to help at least one person struggling with mental illnesses, to reach out, and get the help needed to heal!

During the spring of 2020, I was able to lower my dosage—safely and carefully—and have been continuing to work on my mental healing.

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