Let Yourself Feel Your Feelings

It’s not always easy to confront your emotions and let yourself process them.

For so long, mental illness has been stigmatized in our society, but as we learn more and continue talking about it, that stigma is starting to fade. Even in the past decade, I’ve noticed a decrease in the stigma around mental illness.

When I was in high school, people rarely talked openly about their state of mental health, including myself. It was so isolating to feel like no one else understood what I was feeling, even though so many people did understand. As I’ve grown older and seen people become more vocal about their experiences and their mental health journeys, it’s helped me recognize that I’m truly not alone and that it’s okay to have emotions and feelings.

This week, I had a conversation with my partner about deconstructing some of the emotions and past traumas I’ve experienced, and it was so freeing. I was experiencing some emotions in the moment, and I talked about them as they were happening instead of holding them in and overthinking them. It felt so much healthier to be honest about the way I was feeling in that moment.

I challenge you all to take some time this week to process your emotions in the moment, whether that means talking to a loved one you trust about it or simply writing it down. Try to let yourself feel what you’re feeling and let it out as you’re feeling it. The words don’t have to be pretty or eloquent, and the thoughts don’t have to make sense as you express them. Just let it out.

As always, stay safe + stay healthy.


Kayla W