Mindfulness & Productivity Strategist Offers Tips on Instagram

Sarah Steckler is an Author, Podcaster, Certified Health & Wellness Coach, Mindfulness Practitioner & Productivity Strategist is taking over our Instagram this week to share how she helps individuals feel more at ease and organized in their daily life through a combination of systems strategy & mindfulness practices. She’s the creator of 100 Life Challenges that can be found in Barnes & Noble and the Mindful Productivity Planner. Catch the Mindful Productivity Podcast every Monday on iTunes, Spotify, and anywhere podcasts are found.

In 2014 after becoming newly married, I moved across the country with my husband. It was at this time that I went through a quarter life crisis of sorts. I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life, career, you name it. The combination of a huge change, being away from everything I knew, and harboring some unprocessed grief from when I lost my Dad at 23 led me into a major depression years later at the age of 29. While pursuing my Masters in Health & Wellness Coaching I learned the true value of self-care, what it really means to love yourself, and how powerful mindfulness practices can be.

In 2015, I started my own online coaching practice which has since evolved into content and strategies around something I like to call Mindful Productivity. By combining mindfulness practices with proven productivity techniques, I create planners, journals, and support clients through 1:1 coaching to align their daily activities in ways that supports their mental health.

In 2018, I launched the Mindful Productivity Podcast that focuses on mental wellbeing, self-care, and ways to feel more productive on a regular basis.