State of Mind Speaker Series

A series of videos and live webinars to promote mental health & wellness

Rates of mental illness in our country are at an all-time high and are expected to increase with COVID-19 and subsequent cultural and life changes. In a survey by the mental health charity, Young Minds, which included 2,111 youth, 83% said the pandemic had made their mental health conditions worse. As Mental Health America states,”For the general public, the mental health effects of COVID-19 are as important to address as are the physical health effects. And for the one in five who already have mental health conditions – or the one in two who are at risk of developing them – we need to take personal, professional, and policy measures now to address them.”

The State of Mind Speakers Series consists of video presentations and webinars intended to promote mental health and wellness during this uniquely challenging time. Designed to provide education and support to youth, caregivers, and educators, the State of Mind Speaker Series is a collaboration between two local nonprofits, 1N5 and MindPeace. The mission of 1N5 is to promote optimal mental health for youth in Greater Cincinnati through education and stigma reduction, community engagement, policy and advocacy, and measurement and data work. MindPeace’s mission is to ensure that there is a seamless system of mental health care for children and adolescents that meets specific characteristics of quality, provides a continuum of care, has system connections, and is affordable.

Special thanks to the Hamilton County Mental Health and Recovery Services Board and the COPE grant for supporting the State of Mind Series.

Click here to see a timeline created to help schools roll out the State of Mind Speaker Series for the 2020/2021 academic year. This is only a guide. Please feel free to share the videos at any time.

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