There Is Power Within You to Change the World

My entire life, I’ve wanted to help people. The ways in which I’ve wanted to help people have changed over time, but that has always been my goal. Whether it be helping reduce homelessness or reduce hunger or improve people’s health and wellness, or be a support system for one of my teammates or friends, helping others has always gone up and down my veins.

I think about how fortunate I am now, to be able to help others as my full time job. I think about the risk that I took, to leave the safety of my 9 to 5, to pursue something that would fulfill me. Such a scary step to take, but I swear this has been the best step of my life.

To get messages from students after my speeches of the impact that I have made, is nothing short of amazing. To see that I am living my life’s dream of helping others, is so fulfilling. I have an opportunity every day to make a difference, but I would have never done that had I lived behind fear, had I not trusted my gut that told me that I could do more in this world.

So what do you want in this world that you are holding yourself back from? You can make a difference if you take that first step and believe in yourself and your natural born talents and capabilities.

There is so much power within you to change the world. We so often think that we need to wait until we are smarter, faster, or stronger to go after our dreams. But you will never be fully equipped with all of the answers to go after your dreams with 100% confidence. There will always be some doubt. I had a very detailed plan laid out, and I still had some doubt. But if there is something that shakes you to your core, that makes you feel alive and makes you feel like you are doing something bigger than yourself, go after it. It was the best decision I ever made for myself.

Go after your dreams, what do you have to lose? You could have the opportunity to change someone’s life.


Be Beautifully Simply You