UK Mental Health Blogger Takes Over Insta

This week for #freeyourmindfriday, Laura, a mental health blogger from the UK, took over our Instagram stories to talk about mental wellness. Check out her bio below!

Hey! My name’s Laura and I’m a mental health, lifestyle and petite blogger from just outside London in the UK!

I have been diagnosed with depression and anxiety and struggle with panic attacks. I have been battling this journey for many many years now and document my journey on my social media channels.

After some tricky life challenges, I was left in a battle with my mind, and went through a lot of counselling and medication to try and combat this. I am still not fully recovered but I am showing people the everyday reality of living with a mental illness over on my social media.

I want to encourage people to be the best version of themselves and love themselves unconditionally. It’s all about loving the body you are in. I am currently embarking on the journey of getting into the law of attraction and manifestation and also do a series on my page every week called #timetotalktuesdays where people share their advice, stories and tips on my stories.