What is Resilience?

As we look back on the past year of living in a global pandemic and experiencing, for many of us, one of the most challenging times in our lives, Dr. Ashley Solomon of Galia Collaborative is here to talk about what resilience looks like.
Dr. Solomon notes that a lot of people think of resilience as a quality that allows us to endure hardships or trauma and just keep pushing forward without being affected by them. Resilience is actually how we experience that struggle, adapt, and, as a result of that adaptation, come out on the other side. Sometimes we come out stronger, and sometimes we still need more healing, and that’s okay!
Dr. Solomon reminds us that an important part of building resilience is to acknowledge our trauma. We also need to adjust how we’re using our energy when we’re going through a difficult time. Lastly, she says that we have to focus our energy on the areas that matter the most to ourselves specifically. Follow along for a more in-depth explanation of what resilience is and how to build it in these challenging times!