Within Every ‘No’, There’s a ‘Yes’

by Ivy from Beautifully Simply You

So often we begin to chase after a goal that we have, and all we hear from everyone is no. “No you can’t do that, no you shouldn’t do that, no that isn’t possible, no we can’t help you, no, no, no, no”. Hearing no from people when we present our ideas is discouraging, and too often we let the response of no hold us back. We decide that if other people think it will be impossible to reach our goals, then our goal really is impossible. But in the midst of all of the no’s, I guarantee you there will always be a yes. There is already a yes inside of yourself. There is a fire within you that is strong enough to withstand the no’s from others. If we let those responses of no hold us back, we will never be able to fulfill the yes that is brewing within us.


If someone tells you no, begin to think of how you can reframe the situation to make it a positive one. Lately in my sea of no’s, I keep telling myself that a better yes is on its’ way. If we receive a no from someone or something we were hoping to get a yes from, those things or people aren’t meant to be part of our journey or part of our larger plan. Even though in the moment that response will bring pain and make us feel like we should give up, if we can see denial as an avenue to something better, we can find the strength to keep pushing on and accomplish our goals despite the no’s. I recently received a no response to a grant I applied for due to operational reasons, but in the same letter, I received a yes. The yes was that the organization believed in my idea and wanted to work with me in a different way to bring my idea to fruition. We could look at that situation as negative that I didn’t receive funds to start a project, or we could view it as someone who despite not being able to give me funds, saw something within me and wanted to help me reach my goal. My no quickly became a yes. My sadness quickly became excitement. And I will keep turning every no into a yes. I will keep fueling the yes inside me that gets me up every morning with intent to produce content, intent to plan events, intent to change the world. Finding the yes is finding the positive, and when you can find the positive in a bad situation, you have a skill that so many others shy away from, and that makes you unstoppable.


Maybe every job interview you went on told you no, remember that there is a better job out there for you. Maybe every school you applied to told you no, remember there is a better school out there for you. Maybe every date told you no, know that your soulmate is out there waiting for you, better than any person you have dated before. Know that there is always a yes coming for you. So often we think we know what is best for us, but when the universe gives us a no to what we thought we wanted in life, it is because something better is coming that will be more amazing than what you ever expected in your life.


So the next time someone tells you no, instead of getting upset and giving up on your dreams, remember the yes inside you that keeps pushing you forward, and know that there is something greater coming, something bigger than you could have ever imagined, which will make that person who denied you, regret the day they said no to someone who ended up changing the world. Know what you want in this world and let that yes inside you drive you forward despite the obstacles.


Just after writing this blog post about my no’s I am experiencing, someone at the gym told me they saw a recent speech of mine and to go after my passion. That was just another yes that came from my no’s, another yes of validation to give me the push I needed to simply keep going and follow my dreams, no matter what.


In a world full of no’s, try saying yes today. Try saying yes to opportunity, yes to change, yes to something different, yes to an improved you.


And despite all these no’s, you are going to find someone who believes in you, someone who supports you to go after your dreams with all of your heart. That person is you, it has always been you.


What no can you turn into a ‘yes’ today?



Be Beautifully Simply You