You Are Worthy of Your Tomorrow

I remember so clearly a question that was asked during one of my speeches. The question that was asked was, “Do you think you’ve won your fight?”.

He asked me that question because during my speeches, I always focus on reminding each of us that we are worthy of this fight for our lives. And after sharing my story of my struggle with the audience, I share my story of my recovery that began when I finally realized I could fight for myself.

I remember answering the question confidently by saying, “I do think I have won my fight, but it is a constant battle that I have to keep fighting. This battle may be a life long one, but I am proud of my progress to date, and for that, I know I have won”.

It is National Suicide Prevention Week and I know so many of us out there are enduring this fight. This fight that often feels unbearable, impossible to win. Right now, I am fighting a new battle, a battle that is bringing on confusion, fear and hardship.

Reminding myself of the question that was asked during one of my speeches, was a reminder for me that despite the pain I may feel, I am worthy of today and I am worthy of tomorrow. I reminded myself that I have tools that I have learned over the last two years that keep me strong and positive during this battle. I am reminded that on this fight, I have so many beautiful, amazing and supportive people who are fighting with me, for me. I am reminded that I have my therapist, that I have my journal, my affirmations, my breathing, to keep me fighting, to continue to win this fight.

Every day presents a new challenge, but with these challenges, we grow stronger, we grow wiser. We must never forget that even though this fight is messy and often full of anger, and tears that seem like they will never stop falling, this fight is worth it. And more importantly, you are worthy of this fight, for you, for your life, for your overall mental wellness.

I am fighting today. I am fighting to be strong in a situation where I feel weak. I am fighting to be positive. I am fighting for my mental health. Some days, the battle is an easy win, and other days, the opposing team is kicking my butt. Both places are okay places to be, but I will continue to fight every single day. Because I am worth it. And so are you. On good days and bad days, you are worthy of being in this moment and you are worthy of fighting for your tomorrow. These days may bring a lot of difficulties, but remain hopeful that if you continue on this fight, everything will be okay, exactly as it was supposed to end up.

And with that, know that you are not alone in this fight. I am here with you. I am fighting here with you, I am fighting for me. I am fighting for you.

We are worthy of this fight. Keep going.


Be Beautifully Simply You