1N5 Partners With Our Lady of Visitation for Wellness Week

This week, 1N5 worked with Our Lady of Visitation School to provide a series of educational sessions on mental health. The week started off with hanging posters about resources and statistics throughout the school. Grades 5-8 then each had a unique training provided by 1N5 and several other community organizations.

Stephanie Renner, a therapist from Creekside Therapy, spoke to the 5th graders about body image. The students learned about the factors that contribute to negative body image and strategies to improve body image and self-esteem.

Nathan Miller, Adam Simmons, Seth Long, and Justus Stroud of Healthy Visions spoke to the 6th graders about self-esteem, self-worth, and how people see themselves.

Christine Browner, 1N5’s Program Manager, spoke to the 7th graders about “Mental Health 101”. The students learned about various mental health conditions, the importance of stigma reduction, and strategies to promote optimal mental wellness. The students kept Christine on her toes with a lot of great questions!

Stacey Hoffman, Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center’s Program Manager, conducted a weeklong training with the Adapting for Life program. She taught about various mental health conditions, resources, and coping skills.

It was a great week of education for the students of Our Lady of Visitation!