A Little One is Joining This Mental Health Crew!

Some exciting news is coming your way! I’ve been keeping this a secret for a while now, but so excited to share that my husband and I are expecting our first child!

It’s been such an emotional whirlwind managing the joy of a baby and the grief of losing my mom. I find comfort in the fact that my mom was able to know the news about her becoming a grandmother and in the fact that our baby girl has a special guardian angel watching over her. But it’s still really, really hard going through this process without my mom. Thankfully, the universe has brought me together with some other women who are also expecting their first child and have also lost their mothers, which is just a beautiful reminder to me that I am not alone in this journey.

We are so excited about our sweet bundle of joy coming in January, but also acknowledge how much a baby will change our lives. My mom’s health, her passing, and the news of the baby have all really restructured my priorities. I am not sure what the future of my career looks like, but I have realized that family and my mental health, are what’s most important to me. I have spent so much of the last few years overworking myself, which then in turn can make me forget about all the small things to be grateful for. I mentioned in a post last week how it’s been so hard for me to have motivation to do much of anything, especially anything work-related. I am trying to give myself grace and patience during this phase of my life. But in a way, this season of slowing down has been good for me. The highs, the lows, the hormones, couldn’t have come at a better time when things are slower for me and I can truly give myself the space to feel.

I am nervous for the future, but I am thankful for what these last few months have taught me about what’s truly important in my life.

The quote rings true – “Don’t be so busy building a life that you forget to live it”. So cheers to living life a bit more, to feeling all the feelings, and to embracing each moment.

I can’t wait to welcome our newest addition in January and along the way, I will give myself grace and I will give myself permission to say no and to do things differently. And in your season of growth and changing, I hope you do the same for you too.

Cheers to the newest member of the Ivy Watts Speaks and Beautifully Simply You Crew – she is already so loved.


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