Believe in Yourself, Too

Reaching your goals begins with believing in yourself.

I thought about this and immediately thought about the movie Acrimony by Tyler Perry. The movie has a lot—and I mean a lot—of twists and turns. The husband has this idea to sell this battery-powered tool, and he believes in his idea when absolutely no one else does. I didn’t like his character much, but I appreciated his intense desire to go after his dreams and his unrelenting belief in himself. One day, decades later, his idea finally takes off and he becomes a successful millionaire, all because he believed in himself and his invention.

It is really easy to hear someone not believe in our idea as much as we do and for that to ruin our belief in ourselves and our capabilities. But every time I need it the most, I am reminded with memories such as this movie that I saw that even when no one else believes, if you believe in yourself with everything you have, eventually someone else will, too.

It might be months, years, decades before someone believes and helps you to reach your goals. But until then, I hope you keep fighting, keep pushing, keep challenging yourself and those negative thoughts, and ultimately keep reminding yourself that you are good enough to reach that goal.

If I never believed in myself to reach my goals in changing lives, I would never have created this blog or started speaking. And if I never believed in myself to leave my job to speak full time, I would have always thought, “what if?” It is always really scary to take that leap and believe in ourselves with everything that we have. But I continue to remind myself of this new leap I am taking, that I have done it before, and it worked out better than I could have imagined. If I had listened to others who didn’t believe, didn’t agree, or who made me second-guess my decision, I would never be living this life. And more importantly, I wouldn’t be helping others to live in their truths and take risks themselves. Our fears are real, but our belief in ourselves outweighs that fear.

There may be doubters, there may be naysayers, there may be twists and turns and obstacles to overcome. But don’t give up. You can change the world. I believe in you, and it’s time we begin believing in ourselves, too.

I believe in me. I’m not giving up. I will persevere.

Your time will come. Be patient.


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