Cheers to 100 Blogs of Self-Growth for You & Me!

I didn’t know what to write about this week, so I asked my fiance what would be a good topic and he mentioned how I might be getting close to my 100th post, and guess what? This is actually my 100th post! I figured this would be a great time to reflect.

100 posts of self-love, positivity, motivation, and mental wellness. 100 posts of me being real and raw with you about my day-to-day struggles with my mental health.

When I first started this journey, it was a way for me to help others with their mental wellness, a way for people to find joy and light in the darkness, to seek out positivity and gratitude. This journey started because I didn’t want others to feel alone like I did when I was at my lowest. This journey started in order to empower others to find their voice. Little did I know that it would be so much bigger than that. Of course, my blog led to me speaking, and then my speaking turned into my passion, and then my passion turned into my full-time job, but these 100 posts have been even bigger than that. These 100 posts have been a constant reminder for me that mental wellness is a continuous process. I can write a super positive post one week, and then struggle to find the good in the next week. And I have been constantly reminded that it is more than okay to have those ups and downs. These posts have allowed me to continually be vulnerable and continually push myself out of my comfort zones.

When I first started blogging, I promised myself and the world that I would blog every Monday. And I have only missed one and that was because I was in over my head planning a city-wide, first of its kind, Mental Health Awareness Event (the 2nd annual event would have been this past weekend, damn you Coronavirus!!). Some weeks, I would not have much to write about, other weeks it felt like I could write for days. During all of those weeks, I challenged myself in new ways, pushed myself to think of things from new angles, and continually grew in my knowledge of myself and of the world.

I always say that the most important thing for me is to just help one person. In a crowd of 1,000 students, if I just help one of them feel less alone or start their mental wellness journey, then sharing my story was worth it. The same goes for these blogs, I’ve always wanted to help just one person, and it’s beautiful to know that one of those people has been myself.

I want to thank you all so much. Whether you have been here since July 9, 2018, or this is your first time reading. You have all played a role in encouraging me to share more pieces of me, to continue to be vulnerable, and to continue to remind myself that I am not alone.

Cheers to 100 more blog posts, of positivity, of self-love, and of self-growth. If you have a dream, no matter how big or small it seems, go after it. Even if you feel you are not yet ready. You might not ever feel fully ready, so why not start now? Find a date that is meaningful to you, make a plan, and stick to it the best that you can. Forgive yourself when you don’t hit all the goals you wanted to, and continually try again. Whatever the goal is, you very well may help dozens of people, but the most beautiful part of it all is that by striving towards your goal, you begin to help yourself to grow and to learn more about yourself.

I blog for you, I blog for me, I blog for us. Cheers to 100 posts these past 2 years, 100 more, and mental wellness galore.


Be Beautifully Simply You