Choose to Start Despite Your Fears

I woke up this morning like, “oh crap, I don’t know what to write about for tomorrow’s blog.”

I still really don’t. I am feeling less than inspirational. But I think the really cool thing about blogging or journaling is that there is a flow to it. Once I start writing, some idea just starts to come and I start to feel the healing power that blogging does for me every week. It’s similar to therapy. Sometimes, I will go to my therapy appointments thinking that I have nothing to discuss, but I have to show up for that hour. Somehow, someway, something comes up that I actually wanted or needed to talk about that I didn’t even know I needed.

In a way, this flow is the same way we have to approach life. Sometimes we don’t want to show up, but when we show up, some of the most beautiful things happen. Sometimes we want to have control over the situation, and nothing goes our way, but somehow we get through it and learn more in the process. Sometimes we let fear hold us back from reaching our goals, rather than realizing that if we just started with what we have, that we can accomplish our wildest dreams.

So this makes me reflect. This time last year, we did not know about COVID and I spent 10 days away from home in California for work. I was terrified to leave my family and then-fiance for that long, but I also knew this was a once in a lifetime opportunity. So I decided to go, and to go with the flow. And that experience was life-changing and has created relationships for me in my career that have propelled me to some amazing places. But what if I chose not to go? For fear, for safety or for comfort?

A lot of times we simply don’t know what to do or say or what comes next, but if we just start, if we just take that first step and let it flow, things will fall into place. So, I encourage you to take that first step. Get into your uncomfort zone. Recognize that you might not have all the answers or you might not feel ready, that’s okay. The most beautiful and magical moments happen when we decide we will no longer wait, but that we will decide to start now, trust the universe and know that everything will work out.

Look at me, I just wrote a whole blog post and feel ready and inspired to start my day, all because I chose to start. And you can choose to start too, despite the fears, the naysayers, the limitations, you can start today and you can reach your goals. Your mind may tell you otherwise, but gently push out that negative thought and replace it with a positive one that if you just start and let it flow, no matter what happens, you can be proud of yourself that you chose to not let fear win.

You might not feel ready, but choose to start and do what scares you. You will likely surprise yourself along the way.


Be Beautifully Simply You