@danakimberley Takes Over Insta Stories

It’s #freeyourmindfriday, and Dana Mulvaney is taking over our Insta Stories to talk all things mental health! Check out her story below, and be sure to follow along on Insta to hear what she has to say!

Hey y’all, I’m Dana Mulvaney. I’m a 4th year at the University of Cincinnati, and I’m studying film and media. In my free time, I love to photograph concerts, travel and work on short films. I struggle a lot with depression and anxiety in my life and ironically, I’m very anxious to do this takeover. I also struggle with cyclothymia, which I’ll be talking about during my takeover! I’ve always thought I wasn’t worthy enough of getting help or that my mental health struggle wasn’t severe enough to go see a professional about all of this, but recently I’ve found that I am worth it and that I deserve the help that I need to get myself into a better place. And it doesn’t hurt that my family and best friends are so supportive of it. I can’t wait to show y’all around a day in the life of a college student and talk about mental health with everyone!