Don’t Compare Yourself. Where You Are is Beautiful

Our lives can be full of comparison. We might feel like we are always falling short. We see someone else living the “perfect” life or experiencing the “perfect” relationship, and we feel like what we have isn’t good enough.

We look at where we once were and get frustrated with ourselves that we might not be in that space anymore. You might be longing for the past, a time where you felt more whole, more you.

When we compare, we forget to realize what is right in front of us and we forget to be proud of ourselves for what we do have and to appreciate the here and now. When we compare, we forget that who we are is enough and unique. Although someone might be in a different point of life than you, that does not make your journey less valid. You might have an idea, and then find out others also had that same idea and are living out that idea well. Why can’t you also live out that idea and live it with your twist and perspective and add new important value to the topic? Well, you can. You are unique and important as you are, comparing yourself only takes away from that, rather than celebrating yourself for who you are and what you bring to this world.

Focus on your here and now, focus on what you do have, focus on your abilities, and know that your timing in all areas of your life will come as they should. I know it can be frustrating to sit and wait for that time, but in that time give yourself the grace you deserve by celebrating that other person for their accomplishments and then celebrating yourself for all you did to even get to this point, rather than comparing yourself to that person.

The truth is, we all spend some time comparing ourselves to others. Even that person you look up to has felt less than compared to someone else. So it’s okay to have moments of comparison, but just always come back to your sense of worth and know that things may be different or look different than your past or than somebody else’s story, but your story is incredibly beautiful and full of strength and resilience. Your story is continuously unfolding with every step you take. You have the power to write your story how you want to, so write it how you want to, not because you are trying to be like someone else, but because you are trying to be like you. Write your story for you, trust the universe and have faith that everything will work out as it should.

Don’t compare yourself to others or to your past. You are in your now, and your now is beautiful.


Be Beautifully Simply You