Find Joy in the Now

Time flies, so enjoy the moment. We take so many things for granted, our family, friends, partners, our jobs, our homes, the list goes on and on. The days feel long, but the months and years fly by.

I know so many of us feel like we will be happy when something happens. We will be happy when we make a certain amount of money, or when we finish that project, or when our face clears up, or when we meet the right person. When we do this we begin searching for happiness in a destination rather than finding happiness in the moment. And by doing that, we miss out on the joy that is right in front of our faces.

Maybe we don’t have that dream job yet, but our job now gives us security and some great co-workers. Maybe we haven’t met the right person as a partner, but you have found love for yourself when you have spent your life being self-critical. Those are all things to celebrate at this moment. Rather than longing for the future, celebrate and enjoy what you have now because this moment will pass you by. There is this song that says “I wish somebody would have told me, someday these would be the good old days”. That line is so true. One day we will look back and this moment that feels heavy, painful, or not where you want to be, you’ll look back and long for these good old days. So live in the now, be present and be grateful for what you do have. There is always something or someone to be thankful for, even when the world feels heavy.

Today I am enjoying the moment. My mom’s health has given me another push to be present and appreciate the now. Today is also 9 months since my wedding and I am shocked at how much time has flown by. I remember how stressful it was planning that wedding, but I would go back in a heartbeat, those were the good old days. But today is also a good old day because I have my loved ones around me and I feel their love constantly and I have opportunities today that I am lucky enough to have. I encourage you to celebrate this moment, to enjoy this moment. The future is never promised, rather than seeking out happiness in a destination, find joy, love, and gratitude in the now.


Be Beautifully Simply You