Give Yourself the Gift of Self-Love

Always remember that who you are is a gift. You are a gift to this world just by being you.

We don’t give ourselves enough credit. We can be so mean to ourselves for our mistakes, and be so compassionate to a friend for that very same mistake. It’s great you can see the good in others and be kind to them, but what about being kind to yourself? You deserve that same kindness and love that you so easily give to others.

Know that you are on this earth for a reason. You have purpose, talent, beauty, and so much more to share with the world. I remember feeling for so long that I had no purpose, mostly after I graduated college and lost my identity as a track athlete. Those were lonely, dark days. Right now, one could argue that I have found my purpose with sharing my story, and I would have to agree. But at the same time, I have to remember that my purpose is not limited to that one pursuit. One day, my career may end for whatever reason and when that day comes, I want to still remember that I am here for a reason and that with or without my business, I am still good enough.

That is the gift that I hope all of you give yourself this holiday season, the gift of knowing your worth, the gift of self-love, the gift of setting boundaries, the gift of putting yourself first, the gift of practicing self-care and seeking help rather than holding onto your feelings, the gift of choosing you again and again, even when it is messy or confusing.

This year has been draining, traumatic and exhausting. But you have gotten through it. You have purpose and you are beautiful. You may not believe it, but every moment you walk this earth, you add something to it that wouldn’t have existed had you not been here.

How incredible is that? To realize that the world is better because you are in it. I hope you see that you are a gift and the gifts you add to this world. You are a gift to me.

This holiday season and beyond, I hope you see your worth. Always remember that self-love is the best love, and you can do anything if you just begin believing in yourself.

I’m so glad you’re still here. Keep going, keep fighting.

Happy Holidays!


Be Beautifully Simply You