It’s Ok if You’re Feeling Unmotivated

It’s okay if you’ve been feeling unmotivated.

Some things may have come easily to you before, and now you’re finding it difficult to get those same tasks done.

Know that you aren’t alone. I too, right now, am feeling wildly unmotivated to write this blog post. I’ve been feeling incredibly unmotivated to get out of bed in the morning, or to work out, which is something I usually love doing.

Our motivation levels will be really high at times and really low at others. It’s truly about being patient with yourself and giving yourself the break you need. Maybe this is our body’s way of telling us that we are overworked, exhausted and need a break. So grant yourself that time to take a break so that you can feel refreshed and renewed.

Try to not beat yourself up if you’re feeling unmotivated. I know, easier said than done. But we have experienced a lot, a whole lot, this year. Plans have come crashing down, people have died, people have faced injustice right in our backyards, and it feels like there is no end in sight.

It’s okay to be tired after all of this time of fear, uncertainty, loss and frustration. It’s so important to be patient and forgiving of yourself.

Not feeling motivated to cook this week? It’s okay to order take out. Not feeling motivated to work out? It’s okay to take some time off. In the moment, it may seem difficult to give yourself a break, but it’s worth it. To reset and renew yourself.

So I am granting myself permission to do the same, and I am realizing that writing this blog post is a form of healing.

The more that we can be forgiving and patient with ourselves, the more we can love ourselves, and that shows growth. So let’s continue to grow together, knowing that these days of lack of motivation, or these days of sadness and frustration, won’t last forever.

Cheers to taking a break and being patient with ourselves.


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