Psychotherapist Shares Mental Health Guidelines for Coronavirus

In the midst of all the changes happening around us, we know many of us are feeling overwhelmed. Starting today, we are going to try our best to bring a moment of positivity and inspiration to you each day so that we can #spreadlovenotgerms and #bemindfulnotfearful during this time. If you’re interested in using our platform to share a moment of positivity to help our community through this time, please send us a DM on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

Today, Heather Tietjen-Mooney, LISW-S, is talking about how to thrive in this situation. She breaks it down into three general categories: routine, opportunity, and shifting our thinking. Heather says it’s extremely important to build and maintain a healthy routine consisting of eating healthy, sleeping enough and getting regular exercise. She also says this is a great time to explore new opportunities that we might not have had time to explore in the past. Developing new hobbies and interests will help get us through this while also building positive experiences! Finally, she notes that we should take this time to shift our thinking. Rather than thinking about it in terms of what we’ve lost, we should be thinking about it in terms of the opportunities we’ve been given.

Heather says that if we follow these simple guidelines, we can get through this without seeing a spike in anxiety or depression. To learn more about Heather’s practice, Good Therapy LLC, or to reach out with any questions or concerns, visit, email, or call 513-904-9545.

Click here to see what she had to say!

We are all in this together, and if we continue to follow the recommended guidelines from healthcare and mental health professionals, we will make it through!