Remember to Be Your Own Superhero, Too

We spend a lot of our mental energy on others. We make sure that we show up over and over for those around us. We do this so easily, knowing the love we have for those around us is so important to us that we put their needs before our own.

We do this over and over. And then we forget about ourselves. We forget to put mental energy into ourselves. We forget to show up for ourselves. And too often, we forget that we matter too on this journey.

Life gets really busy sometimes and often times it becomes so overwhelming that we are so unsure of how we will care for others that we have no idea how to even care for ourselves. But it is so important to remember that we are important too, and that we have to take care of ourselves in order to be our best selves for our loved ones.

Lately, I have been overwhelmed with trying to be everyone’s superhero. People can expect a lot from us, especially when we have shown up for them time and time again in the past. We are constantly being pulled left and right and then left again. In this whole process of trying to show up for everyone else, some days I forget that I matter. And on those days or weeks that I forget that I matter, my quality of showing up for others is not as good as it could be. When I forget that I matter, I forget what else matters. I forget the importance of being present and enjoying the now, because I forget that my presence in that moment even matters. In moments like this, when I have far too much on my plate and the journey ahead seems rocky, uncertain and frustrating, I remember that I have the ability to change my mindset. Instead of seeing the negative in the situation, I can remember all of the beautiful things in the world that I am grateful for. Instead of feeling bad about the circumstances I have been dealt, I can see them all as a blessing to help me grow and continue to find strength within. Choosing me looks like that, it looks like finding the mental energy to give to myself, to practice the tools that make me feel whole. Choosing me looks like being there for other people but being there for me first. Choosing me looks like trusting the plan that things will work out, and that the pain and confusion that comes and goes will only make me stronger.

So for once, instead of trying to be everyone else’s superhero, be your own. Be the person that recognizes that you are worth it. Be the person that recognizes that providing love to yourself is the first step to provide love to others. Be the person that is proud of who you have become. Be your own superhero.

So to myself and to all of you struggling with the same things, I know you try your best to be there for all of those around you, but I hope you continue to remember that you need to be there for yourself too, through good times and bad. I hope that you remember that your mental health comes first. I hope you have the courage to say no to things that are not good for you and I hope you find the strength to speak up when things have become too much. I hope you decide to be your own superhero first. I am my own superhero and I will continue to do my best to remember me and to focus on me so that my best light can shine through.


Be Beautifully Simply You