Sometimes We Have to Slow Down to Speed Up and Reach Our Goals

You’ve got to slow down to speed up. My coach used to say this all of the time. It seemed counterintuitive because our main goal was to run faster. But in order to run faster, we had to slow down, pause, and focus on the movement and focus on our form. If we were speeding through all of the movements, we wouldn’t do them right, and then, in turn, we wouldn’t run as fast. Some of my fastest times came from me taking the time to focus on every step, and make sure my form was correct with every stride.

Thinking about how most of us are stuck in our homes for the foreseeable future, it makes me realize that this time provides us with an opportunity to slow down. I am constantly on the go, constantly thinking about my next activity, and the next goal I want to reach. When we are so go, go, go, it is so easy to forget that in order for us to reach our goals, we have to slow down to take the time to experience growth within us and truly embrace each moment.

So maybe this time is a blessing in disguise. A blessing to slow down in order to reach all of those goals we have for ourselves. A time to slow down to really be able to focus on our growth as individuals. A time to slow down and refocus to understand what is really important, and become more grateful for those things. A time to slow down mentally, so that when life goes back to “normal”, we are on a better path, a path of success, and a path full of self-growth.

A time to practice how to be more present, a time to embrace the moment to try new things, learn a new skill, laugh more, find new ways to connect, brainstorm new ideas, grow in your identity, understand your worth, and feel beautiful inside and out.

Slowing down to reach our goals for ourselves can seem counterintuitive, and we often feel we never have the opportunity to slow down. But right now, we have this beautiful gift right in front of us, a gift to slow down and embrace this moment. Embrace everything that you are feeling and allow this time to be a time of self-exploration, self-reflection, self-love, and growth. Maybe this situation was given to us, as terrible as it is, as a chance for us to slow down, reconnect, and remind ourselves of what is important in life.

I am vowing to myself to slow down so that I will reach my personal and professional goals. I know if we take time for ourselves during this difficult time, we will then be more equipped at taking a moment to pause, reflecting and making time for growth, when life goes back to being fast.

Slow down to speed up. What beautiful advice that I thought was only for running.

May we all find the peace in this storm right now and use this extra time we have been granted for the growth we have all been longing for ourselves.


Be Beautifully Simply You