Take Care of You First

There will always be work to do. Take care of you first.

This weekend I decided to dedicate time to myself for self-care. 2021 has been incredibly tiring and has truly been an emotional rollercoaster. The effects of it all have been catching up to me and I’m feeling the exhaustion from it all. We just bought a new home, and moving in itself has provided another exhausting challenge for me. I decided I needed a break from it all.

So I booked a hotel room here in Boston, and decided to take a night completely to myself away. I wanted a night where I could be as care free as possible, where I could just relax and reflect and watch a bunch of terrible reality TV. I knew I could probably relax some at home, but there would always be some project I would want to work on, or some laundry to fold, some room to clean. So I decided to completely step away. And it was one of the best decisions I ever made. I had so much fun just being by myself and giving myself the space I needed to relax. I felt beautiful for the first time in months without makeup, I felt at peace. I could feel how proud my mom was of me for taking time for myself and putting myself first. I could feel myself feel happy for the first time in a while.

I 10 out of 10 recommend you take the time for yourself. You may not have the means to rent a hotel room, and that’s okay, but I do recommend that you get away for some time, even if that’s a day in the park by yourself, or even a short walk, or time sitting in your car. It’s so easy for us to go and go and go, but I challenge you to stop and pause and just allow yourself to be. Of course that hotel night wasn’t a magic fix, but it helped, a lot. I’m still pretty tired and I still have a laundry list of things to do, but that’s okay.

Taking care of ourselves isn’t always going to 100% make us feel better, but it is going to make you feel even just a little bit better, and that is worth it. That small feeling of being a bit better will allow you to continue to move forward.

So I challenge you today to make the sometimes hard choice and put yourself first. Ask yourself what you need. Is that some time away by yourself? Take it. Is that some time to be around friends and family? Take it. Is that time to journal or cry? Do it. Whatever you need. I challenge you to do that today, and to make it part of your consistent routine. Let’s start putting ourselves first more often, let’s start remembering that we are enough and we are worthy of giving ourselves love and time for self-care.

I am so glad I took time for me. It was exactly what I needed and I can’t wait for my next night away so I can continue to show up for myself and others.

You can too. You deserve it


Be Beautifully Simply You