Thank You for Being You

Thank you for being you. Thank you for being who you are.

We have all likely heard the quote, “the world needs more of you” 100 times, but it is so true. The world needs more of you and all the beauty that you add to it.

This week, I did a presentation where for the second time ever on Zoom, I was called a hateful, racist remark right as the presentation ended. It threw me and everyone else off at the end of the presentation. It hurt, of course it hurt, but I also knew this could happen to me again and I know it may happen in the future.

But what mattered more to me than the racist comment, was the outpouring of love and support I received from the community I spoke to the entire night afterward and again the next day. The messages I received showed me and reminded me of the light and love in this world. There is hate and there are people who will hurt us, but the magnitude of the people who will show up for us when we need it the most, speaks volumes.

So thank you for being you. You keep me going. You give me hope for a better tomorrow.

No matter the hate we receive in this world, continue shining your light. Don’t let others keep you from showing the world the beautiful qualities you have. The world truly needs more of you, I need more of you and we need more people like you. So many in that community reminded me to keep doing what I am doing, despite the negativity. And I will never stop. If anything, the hateful remarks were a push for me to keep moving forward, because as I do this work, my goal is to empower others, and as I empower others, the world becomes more powerful to ignite change and speak up in the face of injustice.

So continue to push forward, continue to know your worth. Be the light within the darkness, you never know when someone will need it.

If you have ever felt like the world didn’t need you, don’t allow your brain to tell you that. The world does need you. We all need you. Keep being you, in all of your beautiful and imperfect glory. I’m not quite sure where we would be without you.


Be Beautifully Simply You