The Strength in Speaking Your Truth

For most of my life, I was terrified to tell my truth for fear of being judged, labeled as weak, or ridiculed. For most of my life, I have craved external validation and acceptance from others. During the majority of my past relationships, I was made to feel small after I spoke up about how I felt. Even though I have found strength in telling my story and have found how strong it is for me to speak up and fight the negative message that society has told me for years that holding in my feelings shows strength, I still struggle with speaking up. I have the words in my mind and on the tip of my tongue, but my mouth is paralyzed, the words can’t come out. I still struggle with what the response will be from the person I talk to – will they judge me or think what I am saying is dumb? When you have been conditioned to think and feel that way for years, it is truly hard to work through, but you are capable of so much more than you know.

Every time when I push myself to speak my truth, I amaze myself. On those days when I feel paralyzed to tell a loved one something I am struggling with or something that they may have done that made me upset, and the words keep replaying in my mind but nobody else hears them, I try to remind myself that I likely won’t hear the negative responses I used to hear, and the worst case scenario in my mind, likely won’t play out. On those days when I am encouraged to speak my truth and the words in my mind come out of my mouth, it is like a 20 ton boulder has been lifted off my chest, I can breathe, I feel free, and I feel proud of myself. And I am reassured that I made the right decision to speak up when the response that I receive is so much better than I anticipated.

People appreciate it when you are honest with them. Those who truly listen and want to help you may not understand where you are coming from, but they will do everything possible to support you and try to solve the issue together.

If you have the opportunity to speak your truth, speak it and speak it loud. Your mind will thank you, your body will thank you, your spirit will thank you, because you will no longer be paralyzed by society, but instead you will be set free and on your own personal path to healing. That element of fear of what will happen after we say what we need to say may always be there, especially if you have experienced a past of internal fear and external negative responses as I have, but the fear must not outweigh the strength, self-care and sense of feeling proud of yourself, that comes from speaking your truth.

Recovery from the past and the hurt is possible, it is possible to find the strength in speaking up. Some days it may still feel impossible, but every time you push yourself, it gets a little bit easier. I hope that despite any negative response you have gotten in the past, you know there is a positive one coming, ready to wrap you with open arms and help you to heal.

Speak your truth. You are worthy of the self-care and strength it brings.


Be Beautifully Simply You