What is Meant for You Will Always Find Its Way

I let go and trusted the universe, and it was the best decision I ever made. If you read my last blog post, then you know I was working through stress and anxiety around the unknowns of my wedding. Even after I posted though, I was still a ball of nerves. I spent that same night, crying because it felt so unfair that the weather was looking like it would be terrible on my wedding day. But then I heard God and the universe tell me to “just trust me”, and I decided in that moment to let go and have faith that everything would work out.

So the weather forecast only got worse over the course of the week (I’m talking tropical storm here not rain showers), but I wasn’t anxious about it anymore. Instead, I felt calm, trusting in the universe that no matter what the weather would be, or no matter what other mishaps happened, it would still be the most perfect day.

Letting go and having faith allowed me to actually, fully enjoy my wedding week. Letting go allowed me to stop obsessing, stop trying to control, and just trusting that everything would work out, as it always does.

And just like I was told on Monday to have faith and trust, as we went through the day on Friday, the weather began looking better and better for Saturday, and come Saturday there were no storms in sight. I’m telling you, we went from a tropical storm with flooding and strong winds, to the most gorgeous July day. This gorgeous day was always meant for me, we just needed some detours to get there.

As I say all of the time, mental health is messy. I probably have dozens of blog posts on relinquishing control and trusting the universe, but it is still so hard to really do that, especially for such big life events. But as I think about our world and how things are constantly changing, I am reminded that we cannot control, no matter how much we might want to.

We cannot control when schools will open back up or what that will even look like. We can’t control when sports will start again. We can’t control this and that and we definitely cannot control the weather. We can’t control, but we can choose. We can choose to say, “this isn’t how I envisioned my life or my day to be, but I am going to take what has been given to me and make it the best experience ever”.

What is meant for you will always find it’s way and everything happens for a reason. The tropical storm was a reminder for me yet again to slow down and remember what was important. The tropical storm allowed me to celebrate our sunny day, that much more. So although your situation right now might not be ideal, it might be incredibly difficult and anxiety-provoking, I promise you, everything will work out in the end.

I experienced so many changes for my wedding due to COVID and that possible storm, and at times it felt that the dream that I had for my day was ruined, but I realized that this was what was for meant for me. Because it helped me to put everything in perspective. Without these hurdles and bumps, my experience would have been great I am sure, but because of those hurdles, my experience was that much better.

So don’t get caught up on what you might be missing out on, instead ask yourself, what am I gaining from this? What will this situation teach me? How will this situation re-ground me? How will I grow through what I am going through? And then remind yourself that even though things are hard, everything is going to work out, exactly how it is supposed to, and likely even better than you planned.

So if you are struggling, keep going. There is hope on the other side. The questions may lead to more questions, but the answers will come, and trust me, you will be stronger than ever before, ready to tackle everything that comes your way.

Keep going, I promise you, this will pass, faster than you know, keep going.

Your newly married blogger learning to trust the universe, just like you

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