You Deserve to Take a Break

It’s okay to take a break. Taking breaks has always been really hard for me to do. Because it is hard for me to take breaks, it becomes hard for me to really and truly relax.

This week, we went on our COVID style honeymoon. We were supposed to be traveling through Portugal and Barcelona, but 2020 has had other plans for us. The first morning we were on our trip, I opened up my laptop and began answering emails. Some emails could have been responded to after the trip when I got home, but I responded anyway. David quickly reminded me that we are on our honeymoon, and I quickly remembered that this break was needed.

Although I didn’t fully stop answering emails, all of my emails ended with, “I’ll send you the contract or proposal or information, next week”, rather than jumping on my computer to send out things that could wait. And even though I still checked emails, I allowed myself to be fully immersed in taking a break. I allowed myself to take in all of the laughs and adventures of this trip.

And I know that I have a pile of work ready for me with this trip being over, which to be honest gives me some anxiety. But, the work will get done. The work can wait, but these experiences and memories that will last a lifetime can’t and shouldn’t wait.

Nobody looks back at their life wishing that they had spent more time working. So even when it’s hard, allow yourself to take a break. The work will still be there, I can guarantee you that, and you will be that much more successful afterwards at getting the work done to the best of your ability, because you gave yourself the time to refresh yourself mentally and physically.

We live in a world that encourages you to work and work and work. We are told to have fun but the emphasis becomes less on fun and more on how you can use your talents to better the world or how you can make enough money to support yourself and others. I encourage you to go against what society has told you and do what is good for you. And take that time for you. Even if it is just a day or two or even just an hour. Schedule time, intentional time, to really soak in the moments around you. Because that is what you’ll remember when you look back at your life. You’ll remember the moments of laughter and adventure and you’ll be grateful that you took time for a break, for you. You will be proud of yourself because you took initiative to focus on your self worth and mental wellness.

So if you find it hard to put work down and relax, I totally understand. But do yourself a favor and take a step into your uncomfort zone and take some time to put the work aside and relax. You are deserving of a break. You have been working so hard, celebrate yourself by taking a step away. Your mind and body will thank you. The work will always be there, but joyful memories and your mental wellness can’t wait. Take time for you today. I promise you won’t regret it.


Be Beautifully Simply You