Counselor Shares Tips on Parenting Through Coronavirus

On Saturday, March 21st, Stacey Hoffman, LPCC, shared helpful tips on #parentingthroughcoronavirus. In her video, she notes that many people across the world, children and adults alike, are struggling to cope with the fear and anxiety caused by COVID-19.

As a mother herself, she discusses the responsibilities that parents have to help their children work through this time of uncertainty. Start by checking in with yourself and your own mental health, and then start the conversation with your kids. Make sure you stay up-to-date on information about the virus so you can provide accurate, honest information when your kids ask questions about it. Stacey emphasizes the importance of listening to your children’s concerns and validating them while also reassuring them that doctors and scientists are working hard to find a solution.

She also discusses ways to educate children on how to fight the virus by washing hands, covering their coughs, etc.

Click here to watch the video for more tips on how to talk to your kids about Coronavirus, and make sure to keep looking out for more videos on how to cope with the virus. We are doing our best to bring you a new video every day to help #spreadlovenotgerms and #bemindfulnotfearful during this time. As always, if you would like to share a video, please reach out via Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter!