The Power of Language: Stagnation vs. Movement

Dr. Ann-Louise Lockhart, PsyD, ABPP of A New Day Pediatric Psychology is back this week to discuss the power of language, our responses to different words or situations, and what that means in the situation we are all in now. Check out more on this topic from Dr. Lockhart below, and watch the video to hear her go more in-depth! …

Recovery in Quarantine

Katy Turner is sharing how her routine is keeping her body and mind healthy through this transitional period. She has been clean and sober for five years and notes that virtual meetings have been helpful for her sobriety in quarantine. Follow along as she talks about routine being essential to her recovery at this time!

Pat Shares His Routine During Coronavirus

On Tuesday, March 31st, Pat Coyne, founder of Black Sheep Performance, shared how he’s spending the coronavirus quarantine time focusing on personal growth. He has been able to establish and maintain a routine, and he says starting the day by writing in his gratitude journal prepares him to face the day with a positive mindset.

Coach Stu Encourages Student Athletes to Stay Motivated

On Saturday, March 28th, Coach Stu Holt shared a message to all the student athletes who are currently missing out on their season. He encouraged players to stay motivated and use this time to keep working on themselves both physically and mentally. We’ll continue posting videos to help #spreadlovenotgerms and #bemindfulnotfearful while #copingwithcovid!

Katie Shares Inspiring Message with College Students

On Tuesday, March 24th, mental health warrior Katie Bergmann shared an incredibly encouraging message for all of the college and high school students out there who are having a tough time coping with this situation. She reminds all the students who are struggling to adjust to this new schedule that they are not alone, this is not permanent, and they …

Meriden Shares a Stress Relieving Breathing Exercise

Today, Meriden McGraw, MPH, MBSR, is sharing her favorite breathing exercise for stress reduction, which is especially effective for acute stress, such as what many of us are experiencing in our current situation. Listen and watch along as she guides you through an inhale-exhale breath! We will continue sharing videos to help guide you through the stress of Coronavirus. If …

Counselor Shares Tips on Parenting Through Coronavirus

On Saturday, March 21st, Stacey Hoffman, LPCC, shared helpful tips on #parentingthroughcoronavirus. In her video, she notes that many people across the world, children and adults alike, are struggling to cope with the fear and anxiety caused by COVID-19. As a mother herself, she discusses the responsibilities that parents have to help their children work through this time of uncertainty. …