Find a Routine That Works for You

Self-care is such a complicated practice to continue over time. It requires you to not only be aware of what you need and what works for you in the moment, but also to recognize when those needs and routines shift as you get older and experience more in life. If you’ve been following my self-care journey for a while, you …

Grant Yourself Time to Reset

It’s funny how the unpredictability of COVID has led to my daily routine becoming the most predictable it’s ever been. It’s almost like this pandemic has given me the chance to reset and evaluate what really matters. Before COVID, I was all over the place. This January, I had three different jobs, I was overextending my budget, I was running …

Recovery in Quarantine

Katy Turner is sharing how her routine is keeping her body and mind healthy through this transitional period. She has been clean and sober for five years and notes that virtual meetings have been helpful for her sobriety in quarantine. Follow along as she talks about routine being essential to her recovery at this time!

Pat Shares His Routine During Coronavirus

On Tuesday, March 31st, Pat Coyne, founder of Black Sheep Performance, shared how he’s spending the coronavirus quarantine time focusing on personal growth. He has been able to establish and maintain a routine, and he says starting the day by writing in his gratitude journal prepares him to face the day with a positive mindset.