Coach Stu Encourages Student Athletes to Stay Motivated

On Saturday, March 28th, Coach Stu Holt shared a message to all the student athletes who are currently missing out on their season. He encouraged players to stay motivated and use this time to keep working on themselves both physically and mentally. We’ll continue posting videos to help #spreadlovenotgerms and #bemindfulnotfearful while #copingwithcovid!

Parenting with a Plan: Homebound Edition

On Thursday, March 26th, Dr. Ann-Louise Lockhart, PsyD, ABPP, of A New Day Pediatric Psychology discussed parenting under the new shelter-in-place order. With the current global health crisis, your work may have been suspended or switched to flexible work arrangements. Local stores are closed to avoid crowds. Your favorite restaurant is only allowing for carryout orders. The most common is …