Don’t Let Coronavirus Ruin Your Dreams

by: Ivy from Beautifully Simply You

Coronavirus has taken a lot away from so many of us. But I remain grateful that my family and friends remain healthy and safe during this time.

However, coronavirus has taken away my financial stability, my valued time spent with loved ones, and my wedding. It has been frustrating to say the least. I have had my fair share of feelings of anger and sadness and have often been full of thoughts that coronavirus has ruined my dreams.

This scenario is completely out of our control. But I have decided that I won’t let coronavirus win. I won’t let it take away my dreams. I think the beauty of this time is that it is forcing us to get creative and reminding us of what is most important.

When I heard that my wedding venue had cancelled our wedding, I felt devastated. But this scenario has reminded me what the true meaning of this wedding is, marrying my best friend. And in reality, coronavirus did not ruin my dreams at all. Because my dream was to find someone who loved and accepted me, after being in a relationship that shut me down emotionally for years and made me feel unworthy of love. Regardless of the dream wedding or not, I remain grounded in what is important. I remain amazed at how creative we have been able to become.

Stay grounded in what remains important and get creative to recreate your dreams. Maybe you didn’t get your college or high school graduation, and that really, really sucks. Try to stay grounded in the fact that despite the graduation not happening, you accomplished every goal and overcame every obstacle in order for you to get that degree. You went through a lot to get to this point, celebrate that! You have done amazing things and should be celebrated, graduation or not. Get creative and recreate your own graduation ceremony to recreate the feeling of accomplishment.

Whatever the scenario may be that you are struggling with, whatever dream it feels like coronavirus ruined, remember all of the great things you have already done. Even though this scenario can be confusing and frustrating, have faith that everything will work out exactly as it is supposed to. And maybe things will not go the way you planned, maybe not the way you dreamed, but you have done something that your child self would have only dreamed of, and that in itself is a worthy accomplishment.

I know this time has been tough for so many of us, and feels almost never ending, continually hit with blow after blow. But I am trying my best to not let coronavirus win. I am allowing myself to feel my sadness, but then remembering that coronavirus can’t take away my dreams, because I have the power to recreate them and I remain grounded in strength, knowing that better days are coming.

Things might not look how you planned them. But don’t let coronavirus win. Recreate, create a new plan even if there is a different vision, and remind yourself that you are worthy of celebrating that same dream you have dreamed of your entire life.

This too shall pass. We are in this together.


Be Beautifully Simply You