Hard Things Happen For You, Not To You

Reframe your mind on what’s happening in your life. It’s so easy to feel angry with the world when all of the tough situations keep piling up. It can feel so unfair. We can start questioning what we did wrong to deserve something bad to happen to us. What if instead of looking at all of the things happening TO you, you looked at these things instead as happening FOR you.

Maybe this struggle with managing so much on your plate is happening for you to tap into an inner strength that you never even knew existed, or to help you to set boundaries and really grow in an area you haven’t had a chance to. Maybe this relationship challenge or breakup is happening for you to realize your worth. Maybe this job loss is happening for you to realign your goals and put you on a path that you’ve always dreamed of. Maybe this sickness is happening for you to slow down and focus on what’s important to you and to truly take care of yourself.

It’s incredible how when we change our perspective, we can feel lighter about the situation and kinder to ourselves. Life has a funny way of having things work out exactly as they are supposed to, even if it doesn’t feel like it in this moment. And we can often look back and feel grateful for the challenge we experienced, because it challenged us in a way that helped us to grow and to live the life we are living now. So I encourage you to ask yourself what this challenging time is doing for you. Maybe you won’t have the answer to that for a few days, months or even years. But when you can reframe your mindset to see that this challenge, although difficult and painful, is going to make sense one day, and that mindset shift helps you to move through that challenge a little easier.

It might not make sense right now, and that makes sense, because when you are in the hard all you can see is the hard. But there is light on the other side. There is beauty despite the pain. So just keep going. Ask yourself what is this challenge doing for me and how can I use this challenge to help me lean into the opportunities and the life I want for myself.

This tough time isn’t just happening to you, it’s happening for you. Change your mindset and watch everything fall into place. It makes the journey easier as you can be kinder to yourself and allows you to look back with gratitude and appreciation of your growth.


Be Beautifully Simply You