Self Care Guest Blog by Taylor

When will the hard times just stop?

A question I ask myself quite often and a question I’m sure you ask yourself too. You could be on a really good streak of good days after a multitude of bad ones and then boom, another bad one. The reality of the situation is that’s just life. Things happen out of our control and we can’t control that, but what we can control is how we respond to those things. The one thing you have absolute control over is yourself, so altering your mindset will ultimately change how you view those bad days.

Changing your mindset doesn’t mean we ignore the problem. It means we analyze the problem and see how we can make a positive interpretation out of it. Take a bad day when nothing is going your way and just say “I’m glad I can be alive for this to happen ” or ” I don’t like how this turned out, but how can I learn from this experience?”. Those two simple sentences will help your brain learn how to help you during those hard times. It is mind over matter while not allowing certain aspects of life to bring you back to the low you fought so hard to get out of. Change your mindset, how you talk to yourself, what emotions you decide to give out, and watch how those “bad days” become the journey to so many good ones!

Keep going and always ‘Be Nice To Yourself’.