Trust Your Voice, It Will Lead You In The Direction You Should Go

Learn to trust your voice and your gut, it often leads you in the direction that you need to go. So often we hear our inner voice guiding us, and yet, we are afraid to follow that guidance. We may have a truth that needs to be told to someone, and we are afraid to speak the words, because we are unsure if we should trust our inner voice.

I still struggle with learning to trust my voice. I’ve always valued having validation from others of my ideas and my path forward. And of course, if you ask someone their opinion, it could be wildly different than what your inner voice is telling you to do, so you may be swayed in a different direction, further away from your truth, resulting in you trusting yourself even less. I was reading a book about how anxiety and fear often cloud our our ability to be clear in trusting our gut and our inner voice. That really struck a cord with me, as I’ve struggled with anxiety my entire life and have also struggled with trusting my gut. I’m working daily on changing this narrative and learning to not only validate myself, but to validate my voice and my beliefs.

I think there’s a lot of power in trusting your voice and trusting the power of your voice instead of simply just using it. So the next time you feel a tug at your heart to share your truth with someone, or to reach out for help, or to go after that dream that seems a little far off to others, trust that tug at your heart, trust your voice, trust your gut, and do that very thing. There’s so much power in trusting your voice and knowing that if you begin to trust yourself, your ideas, your beliefs, and your dreams, you’ll be put on the path you were destined for sooner.

Of course, sometimes there are detours, sometimes we won’t trust our voice and we will rely on the opinions of others. But if you can look back on times in your life when you took a leap of faith and followed your inner voice and your gut and see how things worked out exactly as they were supposed to, you can move forward in trusting your voice again.

It’s so important to use your voice and to speak your truth, but also make sure you’re trusting that voice and trusting yourself. You hold a lot more power than you realize. Trust the words you feel compelled to say. Trust the dreams you have for yourself. Trust yourself that you can steer your life in the way you want it to. Use your voice, but make sure to trust it also.


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