Videos for Spring4Life 2022


May 2nd: Overview of Wellness 
Join us as we introduce the Sources of Strength’s Wellness Wheel and look at what it means to be resilient.  Video Link

May 3rd: The Effects of Trauma  
Dr. Dan Nelson, MD of the Child Psychiatry Unit at Cincinnati Children’s hospital, discusses effects of trauma and how to deal with it.  Video Link

May 4th: Nick Goepper Interview 
American freestyle skier and Olympic medal winner Nick Goepper, shares his mental health journey and how he stays healthy.  Video Link

May 5th: What is Mindfulness? 
Learn from Arlene Herman about the basics of Mindfulness and how to appreciate every moment.  Video Link

May 6th: Mental Health Q&A
The Psychiatric Intake Response Center at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital will cover want to expect when your child is having a mental health emergency. 
Video Link

May 9th: Family Support, Positive Friends, & Mentors 
In this video we look at the various ways we connect with others and how each of these connections supports us in different ways.  Video Link

May 10th: Active Listening
Stacey Hoffman, manager of Cincinnati Children’s Hospital’s Adapt for Life program will discuss Active Listening and how it can help with relationships.
Video Link

May 11th: Ivan Maisel Interview
After losing his son to suicide in 2015, Ivan wrote the book, I Keep Trying to Catch His Eye, exploring with grace, depth, and refinement the tragically transformative reality of losing a child. Ivan shares that story with us.
Video Link

May 12th: Befriending Your Body Through Mindfulness Practices
Arlene Herman discusses how to be in touch with yourself and what’s going on around you. 
Video Link

May 13th:  Youth General Mental Health Questions 
Dr. Michael Sorter, Director, Division of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital helps us learn more about signs, symptoms and treatment.  Video Link

May 16th: Healthy Activities, Generosity, Spirituality 
In this video we examine the supercharge strength (Generosity), and lean into the ways spirituality shows up for some individuals.  Video Link

May 17th: Compassion Fatigue
Dr. Dan Nelson, MD–Medical Director, Child Psychiatry Unit, Cincinnati Children’s Hospital discusses compassion fatigue and tools to improve health. 
Video Link

May 18th: Marisa Feliciano Interview
Marisa Feliciano is a program leader for NAMI Southwest Ohio and hopes to end the stigma surrounding mental health by talking about her experiences.
Video link – Part 1    Video Link – Part 2

May 18th: Mental Health Professional Panel Discussion
Listen to a discussion with a parent, young adult and mental health professional who will be discussing their journeys. Video Link

May 19th: Thoughts 
Join Arlene Herman through her mindfulness journey and learn about how to maintain awareness of your thoughts. Video Link

May 20th: Teenage Brain Development
Dr. Michael Sorter, joins us to answers questions on what you should know as a parent about typical teenage brain development.
Video Link

May 23rd: Physical Health & Mental Health
Today we will examine the benefits of attending to our physical health and look at all the ways we attend to our mental health.
Video Link

May 25th: Jamie Raskin Interview
Congressman Jamie Raskin lost his son Tommy to suicide on December 31, 2020. Join us as Jamie talks to us about Tommy and shares their story. 
Video Link

May 26th: Mindfulness, Self-Compassion and Loving Kindness and How They Intersect
Mindfulness within self-compassion is about using mindfulness in a more target way to support emotional development. Join Arlene Herman as she finishes our 4 week mindfulness journey. 
Video Link

May 27th: School-Based Treatment 
Susan Shelton, Executive Director of MindPeace joins us to discuss how school based therapy systems work. Video Link