1N5 Provides RECHARGE + RECONNECT Training to CPS Schools

This week, 1N5 provided RECHARGE + RECONNECT training for teachers and staff at Ethel M. Taylor Academy and Cincinnati Public School Resource Coordinators.

On Monday, April 12th, approximately 50 teachers and staff from Ethel M. Taylor Academy participated in the training. On Wednesday, April 14th, 40 Resource Coordinators for CPS participated.

Participants from both sessions discussed the benefits of music to mental health. Listening to music increases the amount of dopamine—one of the “feel good” hormones produced in the brain—and helps reduce stress. Participants shared songs that connect with them, and 1N5 trainer Christine Browner added them to a Spotify Gratitude Playlist that she shared with them.

If you are interested in bringing RECHARGE + RECONNECT to your school, contact Program Manager Christine Browner at christine_browner@1n5clone.wfcstaging.com.