Accepting What Is and Staying Positive

Dr. Ann-Louise Lockhart, PsyD, ABPP of A New Day Pediatric Psychology, PLLC is back this week to discuss how to accept what is happening and stay positive when things are so confusing and abnormal right now. Read on and watch the video to see what she has to say! 

With all the things happening in the world, how do you accept the situation? How do you explain it to your teens who are about to end their school year?

It’s easy for us parents to say that you can just wait for the next one, next year or it’s okay to not have a ceremony at all. But, for your young adults, it can make or break their spirits after looking forward to their school events or planned trips with friends.

So how do you help them keep a positive attitude? 

In this 4th video in collaboration with 1n5, I share one of the most life-changing events that I experienced when I was in my senior year of high school. It somehow molded me and prepared me for what life is really about. 

Here are some tips for you and your teen/young adult during this unique and trying time:

  1. Accept what is in general – the circumstances, the situation we’re all in, the fact that you may not have a prom or not be able to march for your graduation.
  2. Create a new tradition for yourself – open your mind to the reality that this is the best time to learn how to be flexible and adaptable.
  3. Bond with your family – learn new things about each member of your family. 
  4. Discover family history, traditions that you can apply even after the quarantine period
  5. Keep a journal or an online journal.
  6. Rely on your friends – social media has made it very easy to stay in touch despite the situation we’re in. Remember, it’s physical distancing. We don’t have to distance socially or emotionally.
  7. Simply make the best out of the situation – whether it’s finishing a Netlfix series with your family or learning how to play an instrument.

Whatever it is, it will help you get through this and you’ll come out more flexible. Even if things get hard, you’ll make it through and things will get better..eventually.