Beauty is Believing in Yourself & Knowing You are Worth It

by Ivy from Beautifully Simply You

When you hear the word “beauty”, what do you immediately think of? Do you think of outward appearance? Do you think of a celebrity who you always thought was drop dead gorgeous? Or do you think about internal beauty?

Do you base your beauty off of what you see in the mirror or what you feel on the inside?

Society has told us to base our beauty on our outward appearance. If we aren’t the perfect body type or if we don’t have the perfect skin, then we are told we are not beautiful, and we in turn struggle with self-confidence. When in reality, society again has lied to us because our beauty starts within us and radiates outwardly from within. If we feel beautiful inside, we are far more beautiful overall than if we only meet society’s standards of outward beauty. We have all met that person who we thought was absolutely stunning on the outside, only to find out they were a pretty rude and rotten person on the inside? Those encounters usually make us find that person a little or a lot less attractive. So does outward appearance even matter as much, if the beauty inside us dictates how people feel about us? It shouldn’t and it doesn’t matter as much, but we have been taught our entire lives that outward appearance does matter. But what would happen as a society if the dynamic switched and instead we immediately thought of beautiful people not because of how they looked, but because of who they were?

When you think of the word beauty, instead of immediately thinking about your outward appearance, think about what light and beauty you bring to this world simply by being you. Beauty is being exactly who you are. Beauty is believing in yourself and remembering that you are worth it. Beauty is being kind to others and also being kind to yourself. Beauty is being able to give and receive love. Beauty is accepting yourself for who you are and standing tall in that truth. Beauty is being your best self, unapologetically.

Today I challenge you to think of at least 3 things that make you beautiful. When you look in the mirror, look deeper than the surface. Recognize that you are amazing and beautiful on the inside and outside. You can certainly do things to make you feel more beautiful on the outside, you can color your hair or put on makeup, but make sure the focus doesn’t only remain on your outer beauty – don’t forget how much beauty you also have inside of you.

3 Things About Me That Make Me Beautiful:

  1. I am a strong woman who goes after her goals.
  2. I am a caring person and a great friend and I am there for those around me.
  3. I am a positive person, and I can use my positive mindset to fight the inevitable negative thoughts, which is so incredibly brave.

I am beautiful just by being me. You are beautiful simply by being you. It isn’t always easy to challenge society’s expectations and look inwards, but we are in this together.

Beauty is deeper than what is on the outside. Beauty is believing in yourself every day and knowing that you are worthy of all things.

How beautiful is that?


Be Beautifully Simply You