Former NYC Teacher and Creator of @takesometimeoffpodcast Takes Over Our Insta

Maeve, the creator of @takesometimeoffpodcast, takes over our Instagram to share her story and talk all things mental health!

My name is Maeve and I’m an educator, yoga instructor, mental health and wellness advocate. I have been on a wellness journey for the past five years after developing anxiety and depression during my time working as a teacher in New York City.

Since then, I’ve incorporated meditation, medication, therapy, yoga, and exercise as means to manage my symptoms and most recently made a major life shift in order to feel better. I quit my job in New York and moved out West to Salt Lake City, Utah to take some time off!  You can learn more about my story on my podcast “Take Some Time Off!” and check out @takesometimeoffpodcast and @vegandthecity for daily tips on mindful living on the Gram!