2018, Thank You!

by Ivy from Beautifully Simply You

2018 has come to a close. 365 days came and went in a blink of an eye.

This year, I finally learned to love myself. This year, I learned to let go easier, love harder and do what is best for me. This year, I said yes more to new experiences and no more to experiences that were not good for me. This year, I used my voice and wasn’t afraid of it being heard. This year, I discovered my role in changing the world.

In January, I realized how much I had healed from my last relationship and from my time of self-harted, as I finally experienced a glimpse of the type of relationship I deserved.

In February, I was invited to speak to student-athletes on mental health, not yet knowing this would become my passion.

In March, I realized my strength when I finally trusted my gut and trusted myself and realized the relationship I had was good but just because it was good, did not mean it was good enough for me. So I found the strength to keep on walking on this journey. I am thankful for the patience this experience taught me.

March through early May was a whirlwind. I stretched myself a little too much and put myself second to the desires and needs of others. I took the new sense of strength that I had developed for granted and made myself come close to breaking.

Late May after my back was against the wall, I started to slow down and regain my focus on me. I started to say “no” more to situations that were not good for me. I started to change my mindset and focus on the positive. I tried to stop overanalyzing and worrying about my future and instead tried my best to just trust the process.

Early June, my positivity and trust in the universe paid off. I felt a spark with someone like I had never felt and finally found the person I had been praying for.

In July, everything came together. I fell in love, and everything I knew I deserved was finally in front of me. I’m thanking you hard for this one, 2018. I became thankful for the hurt and emotional abuse I experienced in the past, because it made me appreciate the love I was experiencing and receiving, that much more.

On July 9th, one year to the date of ending my emotionally abusive relationship, I launched my blog. (July 8th was the day my current boyfriend asked me to be his girlfriend – it’s funny how the universe works).

In August, I was invited to speak to high school athletes about mental health. This marked the beginning of me doing something bigger than myself.

In September, I dedicated time to growing my speaking business. And in October and November I spoke two more times, to the largest audiences yet. And in December, I hosted my first self-love workshop, which was a huge accomplishment for me.

365 days, no two days were the same, but each taught me something that I will forever cherish.

2018 was a year of discovery for me. A year of challenging myself and growing, trusting the process and watching everything fall into place in perfect timing. 2018 taught me strength that will carry me through my future struggles.

Even if 2018 wasn’t so great for you, you have the opportunity at your fingertips for a fresh start to begin again. My mantra for the whole year has been, “true strength is saying, I will try again tomorrow” So tomorrow, and every tomorrow after that, keep trying your best, keep the faith that everything will fall into place if you put yourself first, focus on being the best version of you, keep your cup full, love yourself despite your flaws and live out your purpose, whatever that may be.

I challenge you to reflect on your 2018, month by month as I did. You may surprise yourself with some of the growth you have experienced, some of the lessons you forgot you learned, some of the people you forgot you encountered, and you may even remember some of those days you gave yourself love and kindness. Whether 2018 was good or bad, grant yourself permission to begin again. Remember what 2018 taught you, what it gave you and what it took from you, and use all of that as fire in 2019 to show the world how capable you are. This is only the beginning.

2019 you have some big shoes to fill, but I know with a positive mindset, you will do more for us than our wildest dreams.

Let’s be intentional about our goals, let’s dream big, and let’s go change the world together.

I’m ready, are you?


Be Beautifully Simply You