Cincinnati Florist Opens Up About Her Mental Health Journey

Katie, a Cincinnati wedding florist and owner of Katie’s Blooms, opens up about her journey with mental illness and shares her story by taking over our Insta today!

My journey with anxiety began in high school. I missed A LOT of school. Countless doctors appointments and testing over the years landed me with general anxiety disorder, chronic fatigue syndrome, and mild depression. I used to get so sick to my stomach I would throw up all of the time.

When I was in college I would sleep forever. Like sleep all day if I didn’t have to be somewhere. I was also having regular panic attacks. Counting seemed to be the only thing that helped me get through them. And now when I’m feeling anxious about things I count objects (ceiling tiles were my go-to during both of my cesareans). In 2012 I discovered yoga and meditation and they literally changed my life. Learning to just be and breathe is so powerful.

As a business owner and a mother, it’s SCARY to let your guard down and be vulnerable. But I think it is more scary for people who struggle to feel like they’re alone and everyone else has it all together.